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AR Builder

Use our online tools to create campaigns that enhance your marketing by adding the wonder of Augmented Reality.

Full Control

Keep all your files, projects and teams in check using our built in organisation keeping you 1 click from what you need.

Campaign Data

Dashboards containing valuable data gathered from your projects, teams and AR projects with reporting and exporting.


Using powerful cloud servers, you can store all the assets you need for your AR projects, keeping them available anytime.


Keep organised by assigning teams tasks, real-time chat, messages and task timelines keep you informed, all the time.


Dynamically contact your users, teams and us by sharing on Social Media or using our advanced chat / mail systems.

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Millions Of Possibilities

Hundreds of free desktop apps Enjoy a mobile-like app experience on your PC, with free apps and games like Facebook and Farmville 2.

Real Time Chat

Stay informed with notifications from your favorite apps keeping you up to date on your emails, tweets and more.

One Click Away

Find, organize, and launch your favorite apps, sites, and files faster and easier than ever before.


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