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About Us

The Nova Agency is now on the brink of launching an innovative and industry leading piece of software: NovaAR. This software is both an App and an online Augmented Reality (AR) development tool aimed at bringing AR, a powerful marketing medium, to businesses of all sizes and consumers from all backgrounds.

Augmented Reality Builder

Nova AR is developing a Augmented Reality Builder which allows users to create amazing triggers with ease, the simple easy to use system is designed for a range of users such as consumers, marketing managers and multinational companies.

The Builder is fast becoming the only easy to use builder that comes with a small monthly charge, this compared to our competitors is a massive saving to the customers.

How YOU Can Help

If you are willing to help us whether it is finanical or your just willing to give us your time please feel free to contact us here...

We are in need of help, we need people like you to help us increase the value of our product. In return we would like to keep you informed of our progress and pass savings onto you, You can sign up to our email list below.

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